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I guess this is the place to start if you want to know anything about me.

I am an avid collector of things I like or enjoy. Over the years, many things have come and go, but there are 4 things in my life that have always been there.

Family & Friends ~ I just can't see myself ever not being involved with them.  They make me laugh, cry, and survive the day.  As with anything in life, there isn't enough hours in the day to do everything, but that is one thing I attempt to make time for.

Gardening ~ I love growing things, from veggies to flowers.  I won't say I am the best gardener in the world, but it helps get me back to nature, de-stress, and hopefully make the space I live in a pleasant place to be.

Department 56 ~ Christmas was always my favorite holiday.  We always had some type of village under the tree.  Once I was married and on my own, my mother bought me houses of my own (Santa's Best).  Then a mall around my house opened a store who had a great display of Department 56 houses.  I was hooked.  Although reasoning finally set in, so no, I don't have every house made, but probably too many for my living space.

Trains ~ My father bought me my first train at age 1.  I still have it and yes it still works.  Trains were always a part of Christmas at home, but now they are moving into the garden.

As you explore the site, as I build it, you will see all of these hobbies and just how important they are to my life......


About Me

Who am I?

hum... I am a middle aged female.  I am not an important person in life.  I am just an average Crabby old lady.