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Some quotes from the group:

I am reminded of a quote from Elizabeth Lawrence that no one ever gardens alone. We are all connected in some way. Even Jim w/ all his tropicals in the far South, Ron w/ his cold hardy stuff in the deep North, Marge's shade paradise in the East to Theresa's incredible creations out West and everywhere in between. We all share that same desire and the same love of the land and tending what it produces.

The care it requires and the beautiful results. Someone asked me the other day if I ever got tired of gardening. I laughed and asked them- do you ever get tired of breathing? It's that important to all of us in our own unique ways. And that my friend, makes it special! Enjoy!



Gardening is a FANTASTIC step on the road to healing. And the folks on this list...well...I would venture to say that we have all been in your shoes at one time or another. Gardening is soothing to your soul, a good way to get rid of frustrations (think ripping out weeds while envisioning ripping somebody's head off! LOL), watching new life spring up, grow, fade and then return the next year. Helps you put things into perspective sometimes.

Gardening is....well it's like taking something hurtful or bad inside yourself...and transforming it into something beautiful on the outside so you can look at it and heal..and soothe your soul



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Years ago there was a site for posting your garden pictures.  I found those old files and thought you would enjoy seeing them.






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